Jay Sean back soon

17 11 2006

Good arvo readers, managed to squeeze out some info on Jay Sean’s new album.
Yes, there is very little info on the loose about this highly anticipated album, however there is a small twist to this new project.

Jay’s new album is concentrating on more international sounds. He said he does want to move away from the whole “Desi” hype. After all… he is now a multi platinum artist and internationally known!
However, do not be disheartened desis … a couple tracks will still have the Desi vibe. Of course, the album will feature Juggy D and Veronica.

Most of his songs are based on his real life experiences He will be incorporating sounds from across the globe. They include Chinese beats, Africa beats, a bit of bhangraton (thats bhangra + reggaeton) and hopefully lots more.
For example, a track titled ‘City Girl’ has a Chinese sample. He talks about his tube journey to university (oh a fact! : he was a straight A student studying Medicine!). Everyday he would see a Chinese gal on the tube and they would just share a smile, nothing much.
Not exactly sure on the African beats, but as far as i can predict, Rishi Rich has had trips to Kenya (and his cousin brother Mentor, who was actually born and brought up there and owns a record label there too), hence he will try to blend in a bit of his African experience.

So they are locked down in the studio doing some serious work.




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