Dholi Dips Soor

4 01 2007

Dips Soor is, quite simply, the single most successful Dhol player / entertainer of the 20th century. As a musician, he’s fashioned music that is the embodiment of modern Asian pop and has recorded on many albums for a variety of artist. His live performances are presentations of kinetic energy, unbridled emotion and the highest level of showmanship. Unquestionably, he’s the Prince of Dhol.

As part of the Kamology team, Dips is one of the leading performing artists. In 1993, at the tender age of 13, he won community success winning talent contests at high school.

It was just a taste of what was to come…

Moving on into the late 90s, Dips went on to make his auspicious solo performances with stars of the Music Industry such as Alaap, Malkit Singh, B21, Jazzy B, Heera, Premi – All being Kings of the Bhangra Industry.

After recording and touring again with the Bhangra Super Group ALAAP, Dips returned to solo work. Since 1997 Dips has been teaching Dhol at The Dhol Foundation to students independently and at local schools as a member of staff. It made him a community icon.

Performing and recording for Juggy D has put Dips at the forefront of the Asian music industry and labelled Dips with international Success.

Not just a drummer but a Crowd Entertainer, Dips has created a force to be reckoned with.

Having gathered recognition from the industry, Dips has been constantly touring around the globe promoting his instrument and pulling off show stopping performances.

To this present day Dips has educated the knowledge he has to crowds of thousands but furthermore to this….. Millions have heard him.


A fresh new stage performance for Juggy D.

Dips and Juggy D have been performing together since High School where Dips and Juggy D were in the school band. The same school band were Juggy D won the singing contest and where Dips won the Musicians contest.

After Juggy D’s Success, it was only time when the same duo were to be on the stage again.

While starting the new stage set NEW for 2006, Juggy D and Dips have already toured Europe on numerous occasions and many University events.

Definitely proving to be a stage set not to be missed.

The Dhol Foundation.

16 Years on, and still the lead Dhol player for all Dhol Foundation stage sets.

Just recently back from performing at WomadAlaide and the commonwealth games in Melbourne.




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