State of Bengal – Skip I J

6 03 2007

The new album, SKIP I J by State of Bengal is out now! I’ve just received my copy and its smashing!
Skip IJ is a dance concept founded after Sam returned from a trip to the village of Noakhali in Bangladesh. This is an attempt to reconcile traditional Bangladeshi music with the UK’s vibrant sound system culture and club scene. Sam isn’t afraid to drop in funky, organic bass next to synthetic acid bass lines, or traditional Indian percussion in amongst sequenced break beats. An experimental album, based on the familiar sounds that can be heard on the streets of India. Every minute of the album refreshes my memories of visits to India. SOB has been known to offer Indian Classical, break beat, Hip-Hop, tabla driven beats, melodic vocals to smashed up beats and funk. Undoubtedly this is an album that will make even the most self conscious dancers to loose their hips. Their tracklist:

  1. Skip-ij 2.58
  2. Hold it in my heart 7.54
  3. Play that way 5.16
  4. Breathe in 6.18
  5. Dushto m�yra 5.03
  6. London to Dhaka 5.07
  7. Mr. President 5.02
  8. Get down like this 4.46
  9. Cha na na na 4.49
  10. Sukno patar [Tribute to Kazi Nazrul Islam]5.29
  11. Future people [Tsunami]6.04
  12. Trip to the moon 7.09



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