DJ Fricktion Mixtape : Volume 4 [REVIEW]

11 03 2007

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17 03 2007

I got this mixtape its HOTTTTTTT like fireeee. I read the review u wrote and it doesnt make sense, DJ Fricktion is an urban DJ, he plays rnb and hip hop not desi so why are u surprised to see that there is no desi?

Because Russell Peterz is on it doesnt mean it has to have desi music on it, i got all of fricktionz mixtapes and all of them are mainstream american hip hop and rnb tracks as thats the type of dj he is, iv never ever heard him play one desi or bhangra song before as thats not his style.

For those who love hip hop and rnb then this mixtape is 10 out of 10 hands down

18 03 2007
DJ Fricktion Mixtape : Volume 4 : Again « Bengal Mumbai Transition Project : BollyHood

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10 04 2007
Vishal Naik

i totally agree with the guy that reviewed the mixtape, for better or worse, i think desi’s have come to expect that other desi’s music a chance, and not spin the same stuff that the rest of the world is

Although, if thats the price that it take for him to get big anough of a name, to actually spin our desi music, then I”M TOTALLY COOOL WITH THAT!!!

I wish this guy the bet of luck with his plans



holla back thanks!!!

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