New Project for Rishi Rich

1 05 2007

This HAS to be the biggest British-Asian music story of 2007. BBC Asian Network decided to get in contact with Rishi Rich after recent rumors concerning his departure from Record Label and Management company 2 Point 9. Rishi issued a first statement exclusively to us.

Why is this such a big story? Rishi Rich and 2 Point 9 have been responsible for most of the major highlights in our scene over the past few years, so it will be interesting to see how both of them move on from this. Will we now see a completely new direction from Rishi, and how do you think 2 Point 9 will move forward and push the major talents that they still have signed to their label? Will we start to see Rishi making bigger steps into the Indian music industry or will he turn his attentions towards the States as rumored? These two parties reinvented the game.

I’m sure we will now see moves from both camps over the next few months, but I want to know what YOU – the bloggers, blogoids and blogdesi’s – really think about this situation. Maybe it will just be business as usual, or whether this will spark a frenzy of musical activity and inject some added creativity into British-Asian music over this summer.
Read the Rishi Rich statement in full, and post your views:

EXCLUSIVE: Rishi Rich announces departure from record label 2 Point 9 and the next chapter in his musical career.
Rishi Rich has exclusively revealed to BBC Asian Network that he has parted ways from his Record Label and Management company Two Point Nine. Rishi Rich states:

“This might come as a surprise to some people, but one thing that I want to stress is that this is an amicable parting from Two Point Nine and all about the next stage in my progression as a Producer. It’s not a decision that I have taken lightly, obviously the label and the Artists on that label have been a huge part of my life over the past few years and we have all learned a great deal.

It’s not going to be the end of my relationship with Billy and Rob (of 2 Point 9) but it’s a necessary step for me to take in order to grow and realise some long-held ambitions. I will be setting up my own production company and the process of recording with new Artists and sourcing new talent has already begun. I won’t be setting up a Record Label, though I’m currently looking at different offers both in the UK and Internationally and probably won’t be tied to one Label.

Will I still be producing tracks for Jay Sean, Juggy D and other artists on the Two Point Nine record label? Perhaps. We’ll see what happens, obviously I have been a key part in shaping their musical sound from the very beginning. I can confirm that I certainly will be working with Mentor Kolektiv and Veronica, but that’s just a progression of my relationship with them as Artists for more than a decade.

But I really don’t want people to perceive that there’s any drama or politics involved here. This happens all the time in the Music Industry.. things have to constantly keep moving forward and I want everyone to concentrate on the positives. This is the next move in the careers of both parties, Rishi Rich and 2 Point 9.” – Rishi Rich

copy pasted off BBC Blogs 

My opinion :      waw , this comes as a shock to me. but, RR can’t stay in school for long. its time he move to university or sole practice. 2point9 was a great place to establish , grow and learn. It is probably time that he moves on and starts his own biz. paying attention in economics class, it will allow him flexibility, allow to expand his imagination and do soo many things he may have been unable to do being in 2point9. i’m not saying its a good or bad move, but definitely a challenge. there is no doubt in my mind that RR is a successful producer. no matter which label he joins or creates, if his music is good, he will excel. (note: i think his label should be named Double R records or Rishi Rich Records RRR)
and regarding JS, JD, V .. they are a UNIT! they can’t break up. im sure they will be in contact and continue their scintillating music !
eh Rishi! Show em what you got!
take it easy bruff


give us your opinion!




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