M.I.A. gets ‘Kala’ with ‘Boyz’ in Jamaica!

10 05 2007

M.I.A. who was once banned from entering the U.S. due to her outspoken political views was in sunny Jamaica last week to shoot the video for ‘Boyz,’ the first single from her upcoming album ‘Kala!’ She was kind enough to share some photos from the shoot. DesiHits! is eagerly anticipating her follow-up to ‘Arular’ after hearing ‘Bird Flu’ and ‘Hit That,’ (UPDATE: “Hit That” is not on the ‘Kala’ album) but no worries…to paraphrase a certain former M.I.A. tourmate, this album is absolutely B-A-N-A-N-A-S.mia_jamaica_408.jpg


Since, over the past few years, bird flu, like SARS, has been one of those foreign-borne diseases (this one originating from Southeast Asia) that terrified Westerners (that’s folks in the U.S.) think they can ward off by closing up their borders. Still, ‘Bird Flu’s’ menacing drum line beat is wicked! The high-pitched voices that urge on M.I.A.’s lead vocal sound too angry to belong to a pack of little girls– we’re guessing it’s M.I.A.’s voice at triple speed.

Her lyrics are as always autobiographical, though they’ve been updated to the present day, where she’s straddling the line between major-label success and her own crazy- major-label-bucking tendencies. “I’m too cool to be a Rocawear model,” she sings, adding that the label wouldn’t have her because “…my beats were too evil!” If you haven’t already guessed, her trademark cockiness and mayhem are all together present on her upcoming release!

Kala is out August 21 on Interscope and M.I.A. is busy lining up festival dates to promote it, starting in May at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Preston, England. The dangerous duo on the Urban Desi show will surely bring you exclusives from this album…stay tuned!





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