“Hey Soniye” – Ajaxxx, Raja Wilco & Ar-sin – PRESS RELEASE

24 05 2007

It is important to note that in a turbulent quarter of a century, music has encompassed a great deal of change. Unpredictably, during this period, many noteworthy performers have re-examined both what lyrics and art are meant to achieve and how to achieve this. “Hey Soniye” is a stand out track done by Ajaxxx, Raja Wilco & Ar-sin – not only does it feature the exceptional vocals of three of the hottest South Asian musical personalities in America, but it adds an ethnic flavor with a touch of Gujarati, a language from the state of Gujarat [Western India.]

This track is for all the mixtapes out there!
So DJs if you’re looking for something different, with a devilish, naughty but lyrical touch to it, then “Hey Soniye,” is the track you should be spinnin’ in the clubs and bumpin’ on the streets.

Download the track for free at BollyHood after the jump!

Click the button below to download the track from SendSpace!




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