Brangra Specical with Juggy D, Shin, Channi Singh with Radio 1’s BFandN

27 05 2007

The latest Bobby Friction and Nihal Show on BBC Radio 1 has all to do with the bhangra side of music. The boys cought up with Juggy D, Shin (DCS) and Channi Singh, undoubtedly the best bhangra artists of this age. Check out the show for some hip shaking music! (link on the right hand side) . here is a few details of what to expect.


Wednesday 23th May

Punjabi Hit Squad – ‘Hai Hai (Garage Mix)’ (Tiger)
DCS – ‘DCS Meets TDF’ (Kamlee Records)
Specialist & Tru School – ‘Paun Boliyan’ (VIP)
J Skillz – ‘Manakeh’ (Kamlee Records)
Heera – ‘Maar Chhadapa’ (Arishma Records)

KS Bhamra Talks About Bhangra In The 80’s

Alaap – ‘Bhabiye Ni Bhabiye’ (Multitone)
Panjabi MC – ‘Kori Giddah’ (Nachural Records)
Tigerstyle – ‘Ishq Nagni’

Ninder JohalTalks About Bhangra In The 90’s

Bally Sagoo – ‘Star Megamix’ (OSA)
Tigerstyle – ‘Mela Vich Vajda Dhol’ (Kismet Records)
Panjabi MC – ‘Yaar Mera (Ambient Mix)’ (Nachural Records)
B21 – ‘Chandigarh’ (Moviebox)
RDB feat LP & Kocky K – ‘Daru’ (Untouchables Records)

DJ VipsTalks About Bhangra In The 90’s

DJ Vips – ‘Long Gwacha (Remix)’ (VIP)

Juggy D, Shin DCS and Channi Singh Sing Live In The Studio

Gurdas Mann – ‘Punjeeri’ (Moviebox)




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