Jay Sean collabrating with Thara!

7 06 2007

Wassup my fam!!!! I know its been a while, im sorry for the delay!! (loooooooong!) But just to let you all know, we were busy putting together a video from my trip to New York! While i was out there i was working with an amazingly talented girl that you may have seen elsewhere on my page!! We met again in Miami (after having done the Bollywood Awards together 2 years earlier) – and decided we should do a duet together! Its hot..the transatlantic collabo is def siiiiick! Her name of course is Thara..check her page..and def be sure to check the following link to see what we got up to in Miami and New York! The vid is also on my page, below the snowman! Theres even clips of us writing our song, ‘Murder’ together in the studio! It was sooo much fun!! This is only part 1 so stay tuned for the sequel!! Also be sure to look out for the track! Spread the word. Till next time, my J.S soldiers!!! lol Peace and love, Jay!

Well, that’s the message we got from Jay Sean! Notice his over use of exclamations showing how excited he is, this albums going to be hot! Here’s the video, the tracks seems to be a bomb!




2 responses

5 07 2007

Thara is freakin hot! Jay’s cool too.

28 10 2007

i don’t like her. i love jay tho

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