BollyHood’s Podcast #4… is HERE

26 06 2007

We’ve moved!

Project BollyHood has officially left the building! Well, we’re moving to another one! P

Go over there and check it out! It’s hot!

Everything is the same! We’ve added a music player to enjoy the website while you search!




6 responses

27 06 2007

I like it. It’s pretty awesome. Can’t wait till the next one.

29 06 2007

This was awesome! Makes my work day a lot more enjoyable at my internship.
Being from Michigan, I find your Brit-Indian accents hard to understand sometimes, can you enunciate the artist and song names more clearly please.
The Bondage Project (I think) song was great.

1 07 2007

im lovin the 4th podcast. its got some sick tracks. Keep pumpin out the desi scene.

2 07 2007

hey thx so much for doin these podcasts.. i love the galang track! where can i get more of that stuff?

2 07 2007

i like this one… gud job aquib and co

11 07 2007

nice work guys!
excusing (yeh not excluding) the music, i love your voices!

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